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It's the blend of reliable solutions we offer.

Data Services

The data is hard to get as you required. But, PutDone data services will deliver: The data you need in your format, whenever you need it and from any source.

Responsive Design

We make user interface delightful with best viewing experience on any device. We work on different frameworks to make responsive web applications.


We help in your Software Development process to achieve your goals. PutDone works with different technology and delivers delightful solution.


We provide the way to improve decision making process by looking into data insight. We analyse your raw data to help you to make informed conclusion about it.

Cloud Services

The world is adopting to cloud solutions. We help you to do the same by migrating your business infrastructure to cloud with different cloud services.

Data Science & AI

We develop algorithms that will help the businesses to ensure insight driven rapid decision making and future prediction of their KPIs.


It's slice of our amazing work done so far.

COVID-19 Prediction
Python, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, pandas, NumPy, AI, SVM, Poly
Cloud Migration
AWS CloudFormation, Lambda, Cognito, RDS, Node.js, React, OAuth, Postman
Chem Informatics
MongoDB, PubChem, SDF, Python, JSON, RDKit, ChEMBL
Airflow, Python, YAML, DAG, AWS, MySQL, ETL, ML
Database Design
Oracle 12c, SQL Developer, PL/SQL, AWS, Supply Chain, Crystal Reports
Point of Sale
C#.NET 4.5, MVC, JavaScript, SQL Server, ASP.NET, IIS


The endless journey starts from here.

Amazing Team

PutDone DNA at a glance.

Ravi Vachhani

He is a Technocrat with expertise in different domains. He holds an MBA and B.Tech in Information Technology.

At PutDone, we are a team of young people with different technological expertise, working hard to solve your problems and provide you services, you can be proud of.

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